Neil O. and Patricia S.

Team Sullivan is above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect from a real estate team.

Sean professionally guided and supported my wife and me in the search, purchase, and subsequent sale of a condo property for our daughter who was in the Guelph area for a couple of years. As first-time condo owners, Sean made sure we were made aware of all the legal and owner obligations and restrictions relating to condo ownership that could affect both purchase and sale but also occupancy. Given our 2-3 year time horizon, we needed a high demand property that would see enough value appreciation to make such a short time horizon work for us. Team Sullivan found us that property and helped us get our prices.

My wife and I then returned to Team Sullivan for what turned out to be a nearly 5-year search for a semi-retirement rural property. Sean and Mel helped us with area selection and provided well-researched pros and cons of each rural area including historic property value returns and special issues that could affect future value, taxes, and local development.

They never tired of showing us special new listings that could interest us even when they were quite a drive from Guelph. Patience and commitment paid off when an ideal property for us came onto the market early this year. We would not have been so successful in our long search if not for Team Sullivan.

Sean and Mel were fully committed to achieving a successful outcome for us, and always so pleasant to deal with. The kind of people everyone wants on their side.